Missed Weigh In


I missed my weigh in this week. To be honest I have had a long first week back at work and I have been dealing with a lot of pain and swelling in my arm.  I needed to give myself a break.  I haven’t been on plan this week and I am afraid my weight might be up. When I first started this journey 3 years ago, I did not think I would be able to lose any weight.  It is easy to find excuses but it is not easy to be consistent.  I think consistency is what helped me to be successful for the first 2 years. I was on a food plan and working out 5/6 days a week.
I haven’t worked out for almost 2 weeks.  I think finding something your passionate about and loving what your doing can change working out from a chore to something your look forward to doing. I found my passion in strongman.  Since my injury, I have struggled to find something that I feel as passionate about.  Ask any strongman or weight lifter if they would have the same passion for Zumba, if they had to give up lifting and strongman. It is just not the same.  This past year I have wanted to throw in the towel so many times. Even, with support from my crossfit coaches , I have felt unsure about my work outs and what to do. I worry about causing more injury to my arm. My workouts have basically focused on my legs and cardio.
Emotionally, the pain and the  injury have taken a toll on me.  I struggle with the fact that I trusted someone, they let me down and I got hurt that person took no responsibility but blames me. Pain changes you and this experience has changed me. Recently on Instagram, I have had to deal with some criticism from a guy who doesn’t know me or my story but seems to think I should just shut up and train. I am really over this mentality of grown ass men, who seem to think that struggling or asking for help makes you weak. If you are struggling, apparently you haven’t quit. If you ask for help, it means this is important to you. If more people who claim to be experts reached out and helped others, instead of judging, assuming,  harming or causing injury, I think you would see more people in the gym trying. I wonder what advice he would give his mother, wife, sister, or daughter about my situation?  But since he doesn’t know the story, I guess he can’t.  To defend someone who has taken no responsibility for his actions is hard to understand.  To attack another person based on hear say, makes your statements weak.  When you don’t know the story, you should probably ask and at least have a conversation first. When you make a mistake, you own it, fix it and move on.  You don’t blame the other person or get angry when they don’t stay quiet and stand up for themselves. I understand that people make  mistakes, that you should talk it out, take responsibility for your part and move on.  I did these things, and was met with anger, defense, lack of responsibility, blame, and hostility.   The choice  to take NO responsibility was his decision, how I chose to deal with that, my injury and my pain is my choice and my decision. This is not about blame. This is about broken trust and taking responsibility.
So, now, I deal with “what is” and try to figure out how to make it better. I am all about encouraging, supporting, and helping others but now I need to make myself a priority. I need to start being proud of my self for my failures, obstacles I have faced, never giving up and all the stuff I did right. It is now time to start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, finding something to be passionate about again and start loving my workouts.  I have a trainer who is helping me with core work, endurance, and cardio. What I need is a trainer to help, support, and guide me to start lifting weights again. And that my friends, scares me to death.
My goals for next week:
1. Food prep Sunday, so I can stay on plan.  This really works!
2. Take my gym clothes to work with me, so I have no excuses.
3. Do some research on finding a one on one trainer to help with rehab and weight lifting.
4. Weigh in next Saturday. No excuses!


Keep Trying You WILL Get There

keep going

This is a picture of me doing a 75lb log press over a year ago. It was a big PR for me. I had struggled to lift the log over my head for so long but I just kept trying. I had many injuries from being hit in the head by this thing and not having someone properly spot me.  You can tell by the look on my face that  I was ecstatic, It was a big moment for me. I was proud of myself because I finally got it, after so many misses and injuries.

I often get asked about my workouts and my weight loss.  I hear people say, “it must be so easy for you ” or “I wish I had the time”  lol  Obviously these people don’t follow me on  social media or they would know my struggles to keep going.  I have made so many mistakes along the way.  I have blown my diet so many times and then cried when I stood on  the scale.  I have missed workouts for no good reason.  I trusted people who said they cared but turned their back on me when I  struggled and needed the help the most. I paid someone to help me and teach me but he was more interested in taking my money.  I continue to let fear and insecurities affect my workouts.  But I have not quit.  I truly believe if I keep trying I will  get there. No matter what crap you face , you have to believe that you are worth it.  Just keep going,  slow down if you must but never stop.  Stand up for yourself and ask for what you need.  Keep asking till you get it.  Never let somebody who doesn’t understand your journey question what you need.  This is about you!  So, keep trying,  you will get there. Know that you are not alone in your struggle.

The Struggle Is REAL

trip 2.jpg

I have to be the only person who gains weight on a trip she won, from a weight loss challenge.  This week I was up 2lbs. It can really wear on you when you spend years working hard on a goal and you don’t see the results you want. But, this is a journey and for me it is a slow journey.  My injuries from personal training have slowed this entire process down, almost to a stop. But, despite that I just keep moving forward. Why? This is important to me, I want to feel healthier, stronger, and happier. I hated the way I felt before I lost weight. My weight may have been up at the weigh in , but I refuse to beat myself up about it.  I had many challenges this week including a job interview, a family crisis, two days of extreme pain and swelling in my arm, the heat and a critic who felt like they were entitled to an opinion about my story, despite never talking to me about it and not knowing the facts.  But I did many things right. I swam laps two days and completed a work out at the gym. I walked in the sand and on the treadmill.  I had an amazing time with my family, who shared my prize with me. We spent time together laughing, eating, and drinking some wine. It is a memory I will treasure. So tomorrow I start again. My goals this week are:
1. Set small goals.
2. Journal everything I eat.
3.  Workout 4 days.
4. Take it one day at a time.



persistence 2

In my case, I am not sure if you would call  it persistence or just stubbornness.  I have been on this weight loss journey for over 3 years now.  This last year has been the hardest.  My injury has slowed me down but I refuse to let it stop me.  Many people have asked me why I don’t just give up and try something like Zumba or swimming but I can’t.  I love weight lifting and crossfit and especially strongman. It is the most amazing feeling to be able to lift something heavy.  I never knew how great feeling strong was,  until I started lifting.
This past week I have had, 2 people call me an inspiration. It made my day.  I wonder if they know how hard this is for me, or how much I struggle with pain from  my injury and lack of motivation, or how important this is to me or how badly I want this?  I hope that I inspire them to keep going when things get hard, to persevere and never give up on what is important to them. I hope they chose to put themselves first and not let anyone else try to derail them.  I hope they have courage to ask for help when they need it.
I have learned that If something is important to you, then you will find a way.  My coaches have modified almost every work out for me because of my injury.  Some days I  take a spinning class instead of crossfit or walk but I will not give up. I am determined to reach my goal.  My coach reminds me to focus on what I can do.  If I can’t crossfit, I always have the treadmill, I have worked on nutrition and my diet and I even signed up to take a on-line personal trainer certificate program.  Every step I take, is a step closer to my goal. I just have to keep going.  I am persistent but probably a little stubborn as well. lol
Thank you for permission to share this picture.


Embrace Optimism


Week 4 and I am down .4 lbs. The progress feels painfully slow, but it is progress in the right direction.  Our topic at Weight Watchers this week was how to stay optimistic on your journey.  When I am struggling the most, I have a harder time staying optimistic.  The subject of how encouragement  helps you to stay optimistic was a main discussion. I think this is key.  Weight loss and working out is hard and some days we need help. Many people turn to groups like weight watchers or hire personal trainers for that support.  No matter what part of the journey you are on, everyone still needs that encouragement.  I never got a lot of encouragement from my personal trainer. He would tell me stuff like, “Good Job” but what does that mean? Good job showing up today! Good Job walking in the gym?  Those kind of empty statements do not really help when you are struggling.  I always wanted to know what I was doing right that helped me to stay confident. I wanted help correcting my mistakes, so I could get better and improve and on the days I was struggling the most, I wanted to be acknowledged for my work and my effort.   How do I embrace optimism?   I try to give myself credit for what went right and focus on that.  I listen to my crossfit coaches when they tell me what I am doing right and how much progress they see and I ask for help when I need it.  Always take the time to help and encourage others. You will never know how much it means to someone or how big a difference you are making. Everyone needs it. It helps people to stay optimistic, feel supported and helps them to find the strength to keep going. Think about the people who encourage you and how much harder your struggle would be without them.  Words of encouragement and support cost nothing.

Dealing With Injuries

ice pack.jpg

I love this idea I saw on Pinterest. How to make homemade ice packs.  With all the injuries I have had from personal training, this would have come in handy.  Easy and quick to make: 1 part rubbing alcohol to 3 parts water, gets really cold, but never hardens.
Dealing with pain from an injury can be hard and interfere with daily aspects of your life. I have been struggling with this, especially today. Some days the pain makes be cranky especially if I can’t work out or prevents me from doing other things I enjoy. One of the hardest things for me has been  learning to forgive myself.  I trusted a personal trainer to help me and I kept getting hurt. It was obvious to everyone else, that he didn’t care.  But this was so important to me, I wanted to learn and I needed help, so I kept going back.  I am embarrassed and ashamed when I show people my workout videos and injury pictures.  I thought my trainer had my best interest at heart, that he cared and that he wanted to help me.  Despite the pain from the injury, I also feel like he let me down. How can you watch someone continually get hurt and not help?   How can you be in the profession of helping others and allow this to happen? How do you not feel bad about this? How do you not hear your client when they ask you to help them with this?  I have struggled with trying to understand this. The worst part is that the trainer has taken no responsibility, not even apologized or offered any help. In fact, he blames me. And honestly, some days I blame myself. How naïve do you have to be to keep giving some one the benefit of the doubt, how bad did I have to let my injuries get before I stood up for myself? Why would I trust someone who repeatedly showed that he just didn’t care about me as a client or human being. I was just money coming in. Sadly, I am still protecting this trainer by keeping many of the details about what happened private.  The hardest thing for me was accepting that I have an injury that could have and should have been prevented. I wish I had done my homework and educated my self about personal training.  I can’t change that but I can help other people.  Right now, I am building my strength to tell my entire story. I hope that I can make a difference. How do I deal with my injury?   I have support from friends and other professionals. I try to focus on what I can do and workout on good days.  I try not to worry about people who judge my story because very few people know the facts and the entire story, this will change with time and as I build my strength. I have tried to educate my self and others about personal training, good form and technique and how to prevent injures.  Please continue to email me or DM me to share your stories and questions.

Low Carb Pancakes & Waffles Recipe

jens waffle

YUMMY!  Thank you Jennifer for sharing this recipe for low carb pancakes and waffles. Jennifer suggests using vanilla protein powder for a sweeter taste instead of using syrup.

  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 T cream cheese
  • 1/2 scoop isopure protein powder
  • Mix together in a ninja. Let settle for 2 minutes.
  • Spray waffle iron with coconut oil cooking spray
  • For pancakes, heat the skillet on med-high and spray with coconut oil cooking spray. Pour into dollar coin size pancakes. Cook until able to flip and repeat


  • Calories 300
  • Fat 19
  • Carbs 2.25
  • sugar 1.3
  • fiber 0
  • protein 29
  • weight watcher points are 8 if you use regular cream cheese

Lift Your Weight


Lift the weight you’ve lost is a great way to remind yourself how far you have come and to keep yourself motivated.  This is a picture of me carrying 70lbs. I think this was one of my most favorite moments working out.   I had hit a plateau, I was getting injured a lot and was feeling discouraged. My trainer used straps to attach weights to me and made me walk around the gym. You can also use dumbbells  that correspond to the number of pounds you’ve already dropped. This experience really made a difference. I wish I had done it more often, I think it would have really helped.  Try it!

Treat vs Snack


Picture courtesy of Glenn Dickstein and http://neighborhoodtrainer.compretzels.jpg

Treats vs snacks. What is the difference?
Treat– A treat is a small amount of food  eaten for special occasions. Most treats will not keep you full and usually offer little to no  nutritional value. Some of my favorite treats include:
cheese cake
ice cream 
Or any combination of the above. You can see where I am going with this. lol
A snack–  a small portion of food  eaten between regular meals. Snacks are meant to be eaten to bridge one meal to the next. A good healthy snack will help to keep your energy levels up. Considered them a mini-meal that can  help to  nourish your body, and  fill in nutritional gaps. Highly recommended to prevent “hangry symptoms” lol
My favorite go to list for snacks:
Fruits such as: banana, apple, cantaloupe, watermelon, and grapes and cuties (small oranges)
Protein BarsChia Seed Bars and Quest Bars. Be careful when picking some, as they are loaded with sugar.
Nuts and popcorn– almonds, macadamias and cashews.  Popcorn is another go to favorite, especially now that you can buy a healthy version all ready popped. 3 cups of popcorn for 35 calories and it comes in many different flavors.
Cheese– definitely one of my favorites and somewhat controversial. The three I go to most often are string cheese, low fat Swiss cheese slices and Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedges
Greek yogurt. Our Fred Myers  carries a low carb yogurt that is really good. Frozen Yoplait Whips Yogurt seriously taste like ice cream when they are frozen.
Protein shakes and waters. My new favorite protein water is by Atkins.  Lift Protein Drinks have 20 grams of protein, 1 net carb and 0 sugar.  Makes a nice change from drinking water all day.
My favorite combinations are:
Cheese and Apple Slices
Cheese and meat rolls
Greek Yogurt with fresh fruit
Fruit and cheese kabobs
Some other healthy snack ideas:
hard boiled eggs
vegetable slices- carrots, celery, cucumbers, and slices of fresh green, red, and yellow peppers
celery with hummus
cottage cheese with fresh fruit
smoothies. I tend to avoid these because of the high calorie content but they make a nice addition every once in a while.
I tend to avoid any, “100 Calorie” snack packs. I would rather eat as clean as possible and honestly, I have zero control to eat only one. lol    Check out my Pinterest boards for more inspiration and ideas including boards on: Healthy Snacks, Palo, Weight Watchers, Vegetables, Fruits, Low carb and meal planning-  Debbiet