Keep Trying You WILL Get There

keep going

This is a picture of me doing a 75lb log press over a year ago. It was a big PR for me. I had struggled to lift the log over my head for so long but I just kept trying. I had many injuries from being hit in the head by this thing and not having someone properly spot me.  You can tell by the look on my face that  I was ecstatic, It was a big moment for me. I was proud of myself because I finally got it, after so many misses and injuries.

I often get asked about my workouts and my weight loss.  I hear people say, “it must be so easy for you ” or “I wish I had the time”  lol  Obviously these people don’t follow me on  social media or they would know my struggles to keep going.  I have made so many mistakes along the way.  I have blown my diet so many times and then cried when I stood on  the scale.  I have missed workouts for no good reason.  I trusted people who said they cared but turned their back on me when I  struggled and needed the help the most. I paid someone to help me and teach me but he was more interested in taking my money.  I continue to let fear and insecurities affect my workouts.  But I have not quit.  I truly believe if I keep trying I will  get there. No matter what crap you face , you have to believe that you are worth it.  Just keep going,  slow down if you must but never stop.  Stand up for yourself and ask for what you need.  Keep asking till you get it.  Never let somebody who doesn’t understand your journey question what you need.  This is about you!  So, keep trying,  you will get there. Know that you are not alone in your struggle.


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