persistence 2

In my case, I am not sure if you would call  it persistence or just stubbornness.  I have been on this weight loss journey for over 3 years now.  This last year has been the hardest.  My injury has slowed me down but I refuse to let it stop me.  Many people have asked me why I don’t just give up and try something like Zumba or swimming but I can’t.  I love weight lifting and crossfit and especially strongman. It is the most amazing feeling to be able to lift something heavy.  I never knew how great feeling strong was,  until I started lifting.
This past week I have had, 2 people call me an inspiration. It made my day.  I wonder if they know how hard this is for me, or how much I struggle with pain from  my injury and lack of motivation, or how important this is to me or how badly I want this?  I hope that I inspire them to keep going when things get hard, to persevere and never give up on what is important to them. I hope they chose to put themselves first and not let anyone else try to derail them.  I hope they have courage to ask for help when they need it.
I have learned that If something is important to you, then you will find a way.  My coaches have modified almost every work out for me because of my injury.  Some days I  take a spinning class instead of crossfit or walk but I will not give up. I am determined to reach my goal.  My coach reminds me to focus on what I can do.  If I can’t crossfit, I always have the treadmill, I have worked on nutrition and my diet and I even signed up to take a on-line personal trainer certificate program.  Every step I take, is a step closer to my goal. I just have to keep going.  I am persistent but probably a little stubborn as well. lol
Thank you for permission to share this picture.



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