Embrace Optimism


Week 4 and I am down .4 lbs. The progress feels painfully slow, but it is progress in the right direction.  Our topic at Weight Watchers this week was how to stay optimistic on your journey.  When I am struggling the most, I have a harder time staying optimistic.  The subject of how encouragement  helps you to stay optimistic was a main discussion. I think this is key.  Weight loss and working out is hard and some days we need help. Many people turn to groups like weight watchers or hire personal trainers for that support.  No matter what part of the journey you are on, everyone still needs that encouragement.  I never got a lot of encouragement from my personal trainer. He would tell me stuff like, “Good Job” but what does that mean? Good job showing up today! Good Job walking in the gym?  Those kind of empty statements do not really help when you are struggling.  I always wanted to know what I was doing right that helped me to stay confident. I wanted help correcting my mistakes, so I could get better and improve and on the days I was struggling the most, I wanted to be acknowledged for my work and my effort.   How do I embrace optimism?   I try to give myself credit for what went right and focus on that.  I listen to my crossfit coaches when they tell me what I am doing right and how much progress they see and I ask for help when I need it.  Always take the time to help and encourage others. You will never know how much it means to someone or how big a difference you are making. Everyone needs it. It helps people to stay optimistic, feel supported and helps them to find the strength to keep going. Think about the people who encourage you and how much harder your struggle would be without them.  Words of encouragement and support cost nothing.

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